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Welcome to the Signing Bioscience Dictionary (SBD)!

TERC and Lamar University are developing this prototype illustrated interactive 3D sign language dictionary for students in Lamar's 4-year undergraduate interpreter training program and researching its effectiveness in increasing their ASL life science vocabulary.

To find a term in the SBD, you can type the term into Search, click a letter for all of the terms beginning with that letter, or click Categories for subsets of terms organized by category. Many terms included in the SBD are not categorized and appear in the A-Z list only.

After you find the term you are looking for, you have several options. You can click ASL button to see the term and definition signed. Click speech button to hear the term and definition spoken. Click illustration button to see a graphic.

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The SBD is being researched and developed by TERC and Lamar University. Text, pictures, and interface design © TERC, Inc. All rights reserved.
National Science Foundation The SBD is being funded in part by the National Science Foundation, Award #1703343. All opinions, findings, conclusions, and recommendations expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the funders.